Don't worry, let me Google that for you.


Someone sent me LMGTFY link! Why?
Why was I sent this?

If you have been sent to us, the messenger is probably not happy with you! Whatever query you had asked, you know it can be Googled, right? Why ask someone questions like, "How do you clear cookies in Chrome?" when you can find out by Googling it? Asking questions is a good thing, but make them meaningful! Let your friend/colleague know what you have tried and what did not work.

How can I create my own link?
Step 1

Scroll up this page.

Step 2

Type in the obvious query you were asked.

Step 3

Click "Generate Sharable Link".

Step 4

Preview link if you want to, or send it directly!

How to use LMGTFY?
History of LMGTFY
History of LMGTFY?

LMGTFY or Let Me Google That For You (on this side its Let Me Google For You) started out with a website created by Jim Garvin in 2008. Before that, the term LMGTFY was often used on chatting social network where a user asks a question and another user replies with "LMGTFY" and a screenshot from Google. The original LMGTFY website ranked 8K in Alexa Website Ranking, although with addition of ads and too many alternatives now it doesn't hold the same position as earlier anymore.

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